CAI Health is here to enhance your investments in staff and resources

Imagine if…
  • An Operating Room is optimized and efficient, i.e., runs on schedule
  • The predicted duration for each surgeon/procedure is benchmarked and accurate
  • Case step data is presented real-time
  • You have easy access to surgical benchmark information for scheduling and other decision-making

Voice Assistant

Surgical Tracker works with Alexa, providing great flexibility to organizations and end users. The “First” Alexa for Healthcare certified skill solution in the OR. Voice commands enhance the surgical team’s ability to timely and accurately record surgery steps in real-time Built to meet security and compliance requirements.
Alexa built in

SurgicalTracker Benefits were built with you in mind

Significant ROI based on current efficiencies

ROI based on 5% or more per month case increase per surgeon over current baselines

Augments current solution investments

Improves case duration estimate accuracy, patient safety, and satisfaction

Improved hands-free communication

Easy to use, efficient, and supports standardization

Meet SurgicalTracker

CAI Health’s SurgicalTracker automates the surgical step process improving operational excellence deploying real-time monitoring and artificial intelligence techniques, up to now, not applied in operating room block time management.

The Team


Dr. Martin A.

Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer

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Tony J.

Co-Founder & CEO

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Technology partners include

Amazon Alexa